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Totally Enclosed Type Lift Bags

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In situations where the insufficient depth of water precludes the deployment of parachute type lifting bags above the object to be raised, an effective alternative is the use of a cylindrical totally enclosed lifting bag.

JW Automarine also offers a tailor-made” manufacturing service on all models to meet clients’ special requirements.


The Totally Enclosed lift bag type can be secured close to the article or shackled to straps passed underneath it. Totally enclosed lifting bags offer an invaluable method of reducing the draught of vessels when launching, slipping, or maneuvering them in limited depth. They can also be employed as pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates, and military equipment. These lifting bags also provide an ideal form of buoyancy for cable or pipeline float-out operations and are extremely stable undertow. No other flotation aids can be folded away so compactly when not in use.


All totally enclosed lifting bags are fabricated from heavy-duty Trevira cloth coated with P.V.C and are complete and ready for use when leaving our manufacturing facility. A heavy duty load restraint harness of polyester webbing is built into the skin of the airbag and has a safe working ratio of 6:1 on the Premier range. The arrangement of this load restraint harness is specifically designed to maintain the airbag in the horizontal position to ensure maximum stability and lifting effort. It is, however, recommended that lifting beams or strongbacks are used wherever possible. Details of these are available on request. All models have ¾ ” B.S.P. air inlet ball valves with camlock quick release hose line fittings. Pressure relief valves are also incorporated at the bottom of the air bags and are automatically set to function at 2 P.S.I above ambient with flow rates in excess of 80 C.F.M.


All JW Automarine lifting bags pass rigorous Quality Control and are inspected to ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, LEEA Certified. CE registration reference 415/01D0162 and comply with IMCA D016 Rev 4 GUIDELINES. Because of the relatively low storage space required for these lifting bags compared with the upward force they are capable of exerting in use, they have become essential tools in all manner of submarine civil engineering, offshore, salvage, and military operations.

All lifting bags are supplied ready for use with test certificates and log book, heavy duty webbing straps, anchor points, shackles, air fill connections and dump valves where appropriate.

Quality Certifications
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate Number GB09/77978
  • LEEA certified. CE Registration Reference 415/01D0162

Additional Premier Range Quality Certifications

  • Manufactured and Tested in accordance with IMCA D016 Rev 4 GUIDELINES.

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