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Call us 24/7 +44 01482 876999

Chambers Oceanics suppliers for O’three’s suits,

Port 10

Solid reliability built around a suit packed with quality and features.

Material and seam integrity is where O’Three starts with all its dry suits. Using the same high-end components and our super supple neoprene seals, the Port 10 is equipped to withstand the rigours of commercial diving, whilst appealing to the newly qualified diver.

MSF500 Technical Black Flex

Moving on from the success of the Lycra 5 and the MSF500tb , this flex version has all of its predecessor’s qualities and more.

The MSF500tb flex offers the wearer a substantial amount of built-in insulation. Consequently, the need to wear a traditional type of undersuit is not necessary. This is why this suit is so versatile and is the key to its popularity.

Ri 2-100

The Ri 2-100 has been specifically designed with the technical divers’ interest being paramount throughout its evolution.

Hyper compression creates an extremely dense wall of protection and ensures virtually no buoyancy change at extreme depth.

90Ninety Tri-Laminate

OWe wanted to design a suit that could be used around the world, from 90.0000oN to 90.0000oS. Our NEW Tri-Lam is the ideal travel or expedition suit built to the same high standards you have come to expect from all O’Three suits.



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