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Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser

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The SAT-5 Oxygen analyser with a paramagnetic oxygen sensor uses the latest sensor technology and signal processing electronics to provide outstanding performance and value for money. All analysers in the SAT-5 range include: built in sample flow controller, electronic flow meter with flow failure alarm and barometrically compensated readings. They also have built in black box recording and Ethernet connectivity as standard.

All the SAT-5 instruments are fully configurable from their touch screen user interface. Important settings are password protected to prevent unauthorised adjustment.

The oxygen sensor in this analyser utilises the paramagnetic susceptibility of oxygen, a physical property which distinguishes oxygen from most other common gases. Paramagnetic sensors do not deplete which ensures consistent performance over time; the sensor does not require frequent calibration due to its long term stability. The selectivity of the measurement to oxygen means there is no interference from other respiratory gases.

The sensor has a measurement range of 0 – 100 % oxygen, an accuracy of <±0.2 %, a resolution of 0.1% and response time of less than 4 seconds.

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