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Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser

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The Air-5 combined oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser is designed for monitoring the environment inside a deck decompression chamber. The analyser is supplied as two components: a touch screen display module, either panel mount or surface mount, and a sensor pack.

The display module has a colour touch screen which is the operator interface. All adjustments, configuration and user interaction is carried out through this graphical interface. High and low alarms can be set for oxygen, high and higher alarms can be set for carbon dioxide.

The sensor pack includes a sample flow controller and an electronic flow meter with flow failure alarm, which can be located close to the chamber skin valve to minimise sample delay.

The display module connects to the sensor pack using a 2 twisted pair overall screened cable. This cable is terminated in either a D-9 connector at the panel mount display module, or an IP67 connector at the surface mount display and through a watertight gland into the sensor pack.

The instrument records the readings and alarm status every second in non-volatile memory.

The built in storage is capable of recording a year’s continuous data, and if required, a larger data storage capacity can easily be installed. The unit has an isolated serial data connection for interfacing to data logging systems such as the SAT Systems CDRS software.

The unit is powered from a 9-36 VDC power source.

All the components are designed for use in a marine environment and the electronics meet the current European standards for electrical safety, electromagnetic emissions and immunity

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