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Parachute Type Lifting Bags

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A great deal of research and creative design has been applied to the evolution and production of our minor and professional ranges of parachute type underwater lifting bags. Their apparently simple and natural shape was developed for optimum strength, with a single point attachment for ease of deployment and stable performance. Fabricated from high tenacity polyester Trevira cloth coated with P.V.C., each parachute lifting bag is complete and ready for use when leaving our manufacturing facility.


On lifting bags from 1 tonne (model PR1) to 50 tonnes (model PR50) a load restraining harness of heavy duty polyester webbing is fabricated into the skin of the bag, although individual parts of this harness can be replaced as and when required. The harness, together with the airbag skin, has a safe working load ratio of 6:1. The smaller range of parachute lifting bags 25Kg (model M25) to 2 tonne (model PR2) have load restraints of heavy duty polyester webbing, sewn and welded to the airbag skin, and again are supplied as standard.


All JW Automarine lifting bags pass rigorous quality control tests and are inspected to ISO 9001: 2015 requirements, LEEA certified. CE registered reference 415/01D0162 and comply with IMCA D016 Rev 4 GUIDELINES. Because of the relatively low storage space required for these lifting bags compared with the upward force they are capable of exerting in use, they have become essential tools in all manner of submarine civil engineering, offshore, salvage and military operations.

All lifting bags are supplied ready for use with test certificates and log book, heavy duty webbing straps, anchor points, shackles, air fill connections and dump valves where appropriate.

Quality Certifications

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate Number GB09/77978

LEEA certified. CE Registration Reference 415/01D0162


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