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Call us 24/7 +44 01482 876999

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North or South of the Equator, the 90Ninety is the perfect travel companion. Light Weight, low volume, ultra-flexible, front entry with telescopic torso. 90.0000° N to 90.0000° S

Quick Change

Never miss a dive because of a broken seal. Quick change neck and wrist seal systems.

Silicone, Latex and Neoprene compatible.

High Spec

From industry leading textiles to quality dry glove system fitted as standard, O’Three’s 90Ninety specification goes above and beyond.
Supplied complete and ready to dive.

90Ninety Trilaminate – Complete and ready to dive

A diving holiday, does not always mean luxury live-aboards and warm blue waters.

Many diving holidays are now mini expeditions to all corners of the globe. When we began to develop our ideas for the O’Three 90Ninety Trilaminate Drysuit, weight was top of our list.

A fully spec’d Large 90Ninety Trilaminate is hitting the scales at just over 4kg, with Soft Socks 3.7kg.

We wanted a suit that would be the perfect travel companion wherever your diving adventures might take you, from 90.0000°N to 90.0000°S.

During the development period, we have reinforced key areas internally and externally and now the 90Ninety Trilaminate will meet the demands of experienced Cave / Tech and Recreational divers alike.

There are a multitude of quick replace systems to choose from.  O’Three has incorporated into the 90Ninety Trilaminate two of the very best quick replace systems available. 

Si-Tech’s ‘QUICK’ neck ring and KUBI’s wrist / dry glove systems are both robust, uncomplicated and functional.

You’ll never miss a dive again because of a broken seal.

Both these systems will accommodate Neoprene, Latex and Silicone seals.

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Manufactured and Supported here in the UK


North or South of the Equator, the 90Ninety is the perfect travel companion.

Light Weight, low volume, ultra-flexible, front entry with telescopic torso.

90.0000° N to 90.0000° S

BASE Spec – £1995

90Ninety Hybrid

All of the 90Ninety specification.

Incorporating a more robust lower half
requiring twice the force to tear.

The best of both worlds.

BASE Spec: £2095.00

90Ninety DT

If you’re not a hummingbird diver and require a suit that will take the knocks from a piece of wreckage, or a squeeze through a sump that looked easier than it was, then the 90Ninety DT combines durability with ease of use in equal measure.

20% heavier than the 90Ninety,
but twice the force required to tear.

BASE Spec: £2155 

90Ninety / Hybrid / DT Standard Specification

  • Material: High Stretch Rip-Stop Trilaminate.
    Manufactured by the world leader of these types of textiles.
    Cut on the bias to maximise stretch, not yield.
  • Construction: Proven methods in seam construction and waterproofing.
  • Tailoring: Cut on the bias to maximise stretch, not yield. Pre-bent arms.
  • Neck Seal: Si-Tech ‘QUICK’ fast replace ring.
  • Wrist Seals: KUBI Cuff Side, with Neoprene protective cover.
  • Dry Gloves: KUBI dry gloves, as standard.
    Neck / Wrist systems: Never miss a dive because of a broken seal.
    Silicone, Latex, and Neoprene compatible.

    Suit can be worn with a wet or dry glove.
  • Crutch / Armpits: Seamless in these all important areas.
  • Colour: Graphite.
  • Entry: Front Entry Full Telescopic Torso.
    Fully adjustable external crutch strap and internal braces.
  • Zip: YKK AquaSeal, protected by a no nonsense, no maintenance external cover.
  • Valves: Apeks low profile Auto Dump (Choice of position), Swivel Inlet & Carbon Hose.
  • Boots: O’Three’s proven 4mm Neoprene Pivot Boot. Super warm and low profile contoured foot. Reinforced sole, toe and heel with a built in fin stop. Soft Sock option available.
  • Pocket: Cargo 25 with built-in slate pocket, D-rings and bungee. Left Thigh.
  • Knee Pads: Anti-abrasion PU with impact absorbing 3D Polymer removable inserts.
  • Reinforcement: Anti-abrasion PU to shoulders, elbow and seat.

90Ninety BASE

  • Not supplied with neck or cuff ring systems.
  • Neoprene wrist and neck seals fitted directly to the suit.
Complete & ready to Dive

Your suit comes complete with the following

  • Quality suit bag
  • Changing Mat
  • Vented Semi-dry hood
  • Jollop wrist seal lube
  • Zip Tech Solid Zip Lubricant
Customise your 90Ninety / Hybrid / DT


90Ninety Cargo 25
  • Dimensions 22cm x 16cm x 7cm (Approx 2.5L)
  • HD Velcro Closure
  • Compact when empty
  • Hidden Slate Pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining


90Ninety Zipped
  • Dimensions – 28cm x 18cm x 6cm (Approx 3L)
  • 32cm Double opening Zip
  • Compact when Empty
  • Hidden slate pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining


90Ninety Cargo 30
  • Dimensions – 24cm x 18cm x 7cm (Approx 3L)
  • HD Velcro Closure
  • Compact when Empty
  • Hidden slate pocket
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Self Draining


Pivot Boot
  • A 3.5mm high density boot.
  • Contoured foot and reinforced sole.
  • Ergonomically shaped with strap down ankles.
  • Built in fin stop.


HD Boot
  • Super warm contoured foot.
  • Strengthened sole combining an ergonomically reinforced upper and heel.
  • Built in fin stop.


Soft Sock

2.5mm Ri material. A soft sock option may be a solution for some, but please be aware; this system can create other issues.

If you would prefer this option on your off the peg suit, it will add an additional small cost.

Please call for more details – +44 (01305) 822820


Apeks low profile Auto Dump.

The most technically advanced and reliable automatic dump valve available.
Correctly adjusted, the valve gives effortless yet controlled hands free ascent as expanding air automatically vents from your dry suit.
Equipped with a manual over-ride system allowing you to vent the suit completely without disturbing your personal buoyancy setting.
This valve has the lowest profile with optimum dump rate.
It has an improved ratchet feel and is ergonomically designed for ease of use

Apeks Swivel Inlet.

Apeks robust and totally reliable inflation valve features an extra large recessed push-button allowing easy operation.
The smooth back plate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads and helps prevent cold air blasts through underclothing.
The valve sits low on the chest making it less prone to snagging.
The 360° rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet your personal hose configuration.

Carbon Braided Hose.

This high end hose features an external nylon safety braiding designed to resist the snags and abrasions that divers can often encounter.
The double braiding also resists UV rays out of the water, thus extending the lifespan of the hose.


Original Automatic Dump Valve

Functions in exactly the same way as the Low Profile version.

For Re-breather users, with front mounted counter lungs, this valve will be easier to reach.

This valve can be supplied with a higher break pressure approximately twice that of the original, this higher break valve adds an additional small charge.

Allowing you to answer the call of nature without having to remove your suit above and below the water.

Female friendly when used in conjunction with the ‘SheWee Go’

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